Roofing: Should I Repair or Replace?

The condition of your roof has a significant impact on the value of your home. For the ones who are planning to sell their home, roofing structure matters the most – similar to flooring. If your roofing structure is damaged or disfigured, you may end up losing a good amount. Roof installation is a rather expensive investment, most of the homeowners try to postpone it as long as they can. Today, the cost of a shingle has doubled since last 5-10 years and in such case, roof repair seems to be more desirable. Still, many roofing service contractors push for a complete replacement with new roof installation; focusing more on their business rather than what’s best for the customers. So, what’s the right call?

Replace v. Repair: – What’s The Best Option For Your Home?

All types of roofing materials have a specific lifespan; some age faster than the others. There are a number of factors when deciding if your roof needs replacement or repair.

1. Your Roof Age:

On average, shingle roofs tend to last about 10 years. Regular roofing services can even extend the lifespan of a roof by several years, the frequency of roof repairs will increase and will result in an increase in maintenance cost. If you are planning to eliminate the increased maintenance cost from your expenditure, Skyview Roofing will suggest you replace the entire roof. Schedule an appointment with us for new roof installation.

2. Check out Missing Shingles:

If you notice that your roof is missing some of its shingles, it is a sign to determine that it has reached its maximum operating lifespan, but a couple of missing shingles does not indicate an entire roof replacement. In order to determine the best solution, call Skyview Roofing to conduct an in-depth inspection of your roof. If any problem is detected, they will leverage the best roofing service in a cost-effective price model.

3.  Leaks in Roofs:

What if one fine day you notice a water leak in your home ceiling? Does that mean you need a new roof? There are a lot of questions and the answer to this could mean a significant expense on your list. If you notice a leak in just one area of your roof, appropriate roof repair service will fix the problem.

Replacement v. Repair: Pros and Cons

Repairs may cost less but are impractical if the roof has suffered damages due to storm, wind, rain, fallen trees, etc. Though damaged shingles are relatively easy to replace, other issues could arise like: A new piece may or may not complement the current or existing one, for example in older roofs.

Repairs are less expensive but tend to be a short-term solution while a new roof can be expensive, even though they tend to last longer. Make the right decision today so you don’t have to worry about leaks and damages. To get the best residential roofing service, Contact Skyview Roofing. Call us today to schedule your appointment.